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Communications Center (SECOMM) is the 911 center for Benton and Franklin Counties in Eastern Washington.  Additionally we provide dispatch service to all law enforcement, fire/EMS, and emergency response agencies within both counties along with Walla Walla Fire District #5 in Walla Walla County.
SECOMM averages about 28,000 calls per month, including both emergency and non-emergency calls.

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When to Call 911
Call 911 when there is a medical emergency, fire or immediate threat to person or property.
For non-emergency situations, call (509) 628-0333.
Do NOT call 911 for information.
Do NOT call 911 to report a power outage.

What If I Call 911 By Mistake?
Don't Hang Up!  When the 911 call taker answers, advise them that you called by mistake.  If you just hang up, the call taker does not know if an emergency actually exists.  A 911 hang up may result in emergency services being dispatched to your location.

Know your Location
911 call takers often use technology and information provided by phone providers to assist in determining a callers location.  However, technology is not always correct and can at times be time consuming to use.  Callers reporting emergencies are asked "Where is your Emergency" because the location of an emergency is the most important information that can be obtained by the call taker.

Know your exact location (home address, business name and address, cross streets, milepost, landmarks, river mile marker, etc.)

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