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Hanford: In An Emergency

How would I be notified of an emergency at the Hanford Site?

Sirens and Loudspeakers

Sirens and loudspeakers would alert people on or near the Hanford Site.
People on or near the Columbia and Yakima Rivers will hear sirens sound continuously for three minutes or longer, followed by an audible message.  These sirens are a signal for people using the rivers to evacuate and tune to the Emergency Alert System Radio Station KONA 105.3 FM or AM 610 for more information.
People using the Richland Off-Road Vehicle Park, the Horn Rapids Park and the Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facility would be notified by sirens sounding continuously for three minutes, followed by an audible message.  They would be told to evacuate the area and tune their radios to KONA 105.3 FM or AM 610.

Warnings By Boat

Personnel and boats provided by the U.S. Coast Guard and County Sheriffs' Departments may also warn people to evacuate the river. 
If there has been no radiological release, boaters will be advised to return to their launch points. 
If there has been a radiological release, boaters will be instructed to proceed to a monitoring station.  Boaters would then receive further instructions from emergency officials.
Additional notification will be made by Coast Guard broadcast of a "Notice to Mariners" over Marine Band Channel 16.  The notice and emergency instructions will then be broadcast over Channel 22 every 15 minutes.

Tone Alert Radios

Some residents within the EPZ in Benton County have emergency tone alert radios.  These radios would be turned on automatically by a signal transmitted just before an EAS message is broadcast.  If you live within one of the Hanford EPZ and do not have a tone alert radio or have questions regarding their use, contact us at 628-2600.

Broadcast Messages

People outside the EPZ would be notified by an EAS message on commercial broadcasting radio and TV stations.  People outside the EPZ should monito KONA 105.3 FM or AM 610.