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Flood Damage Assessment

Benton County Emergency Management (BCEM) is conducting an initial assessment of the financial impact from the May 2011 Yakima River flood.

We are asking homeowners that may have had damage to their property to complete the simple online form below and submit it to BCEM.  As stated, this is only a preliminary assessment.  If you would prefer to print the form and mail it to BCEM, click here for a printable damage assessment form.

Before you begin with your damage assessment, a few reminders.  First, you should contact your insurance agent and begin the claim process with the insurance company as allowed under your existing insurance policies.  Secondly, it is important to understand the completion and submission of this form does not guarantee any compensation for uninsured damages.

Please submit the form by May 31, 2011.

May 2011 Yakima River Flooding Private Damage Assessment Form