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Columbia Generating Station

Energy Northwest Columbia Generating Station
Benton County Emergency Management, in coordination with Franklin and Grant Counties, the state of Washington and Energy Northwest, has developed plans to respond in the unlikely event of an accident at the Columbia Generating Station (CGS).  CGS is the Northwest's only commercial nuclear power plant and is owned and operated by Energy Northwest.  The plans are designed to help protect nearby residents, specifically those living within the Emergency Planning Zones (EPZ) around the nuclear plant.
Who Is At Risk?
An accident at the Columbia Generating Station involving the release of radioactive material into the surrounding community is very unlikely.  However, plans are in place to protect nearby residents.
Please refer to your calendar sent by Energy Northwest for a map showing the designated Emergency Planning Zones (EPZ) around the nuclear plant.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 509-628-2600.  An electronic version of the map is provided below.
The following Emergency Planning Zones are in Benton County:

Section 3B

Section 3B includes the area south of SR 240, west of River Park Street and north of West Richland and east of SR 225.  It includes the Horn Rapids Master Planned Community and those homes and businesses that are accessed from Harrington Road, Yakima River Drive, Snively Road, Twin Bridges Road and Weidle Road.

Section 3B also includes the Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facility and the Horn Rapids Park.

Section 3C

Section 3C is south of the Hanford site and north of Battelle Boulevard, between Stevens Drive and the Columbia River.  It also includes the area west of Stevens Drive between SR 240 and the Hanford Site.
Section 3C also includes the Horn Rapids Off-road Vehicle Park and the Richland Landfill.
Section 3C does NOT INCLUDE businesses accessed from Logston Boulevard, Sullivan Boulevard and Robertson Drive.

Section 4

This section is on the Hanford Site and under jurisdiction of the Department of Energy.  There are no permanent residents in this area.  Hanford workers would be notified if any protective actions were necessary.

In An Emergency
If there is an accidental release of radioactive material from the Columbia Generating Station, nearby residents will be warned in a number of ways. 

Click here for more on how residents will be notified.
What Do I Do?
If you live within the Emergency Planning Zones, you may be asked to take action during an emergency

Click here for detailed information.
Keep Informed
Each year, local emergency officials provide a calendar with emergency instruction in both English and Spanish to all residents living within the Columbia Generating Station's Emergency Planning Zones.  The calendar contains important emergency information about what steps to take to protect yourself and your family if there is an accident at CGS.  If you live in one of the CGS EPZ and haven't received the current year's calendar, contact us at 628-2600. 2021 Site Neighbors Calendar - click here.
More Information
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