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Code Red

Benton County Emergency Management believes in keeping our citizens informed.  Therefore, we use Code Red to inform Benton County residents of any natural disasters and significant events that may occur in your area.  For example, when the Yakima River floods, we will send out a notification to all residents in the affected areas.  There are various methods of contact for you to choose from (text, email, and/or phone call).  You have the ability to add multiple contact numbers.  This is helpful for residents who have multiple numbers (landline, cell, and/or business line) and those who would like add their families contact information to their account.

We encourage all of our Benton County residents to sign up for Code Red so that you are always alerted when an emergency notification is issued in your area.  Please note, this is a free service to our residents.  If you have any questions related to Code Red, please do not hesitate to call us at (509) 628-2600.  If you would like to sign up for Code Red, please click on the link below.


Stay informed, sign up for Code Red.
Code Red