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Volunteer with BCEM

Volunteers play a vital role at Benton County Emergency Management (BCEM).  From lending a hand during our emergency preparedness drills, to answering the call during an actual emergency, people just like you help keep our community safe. 

The first step is to fill out an application for an Emergency Worker Identification Card.  The application can be filled out at BCEM during business hours or during your first training class.  A background check is part of the application process.  If you are called to assist in an emergency in Benton County, you need to have the card with you.

You can download the application and background form here.  If you are renewing your card, please complete the initial forms and return them to BCEM to get your new card.

More Volunteer Classes

To sign up for any of these FREE classes, contact BCEM at (509) 628-2600.
Unless otherwise noted, all classes are held at BCEM.

EWAC Team Training

In the event of an airborne release of radioactive materials, BCEM may direct workers and residents within certain Emergency Planning Zones to go to an Emergency Worker Assistance Center (EWAC).  Once there, they will be checked for radioactive contamination, decontaminated if necessary, registered for future health monitoring and sheltered until evacuation orders are lifted.  

In the EWAC Team classes, participants will learn the necessary skills to help with radiation monitoring and decontamination.

Check back for future training dates.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Overview

Tour the Benton County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and gain a working knowledge of EOC operations and equipment.  Learn the role volunteers may play during an emergency response.

Check back for future training dates.

Sandbag/Flood Training Class

Learn the proper way to fill and place sandbags to prevent or reduce flood damage.  Other flood-related training will also be covered.  Be ready the next time the river starts to rise!

Check back for future training dates

Basic & Advanced Moulage Training

Looks real, doesn’t it?  Learn the art of applying mock injuries for the purpose of training emergency response teams.  Class participants will use pre-made “wounds”, as well as makeup and props, to simulate everything from a small cut to a broken limb or head wound.

Check back for future training dates.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Benton County Emergency Management supports the Benton City COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disasters). 
COADs provide another way for residents to assist their communities in preparing for and responding to local disasters.

The Benton City COAD was formed after a June 2000 wildfire burned a dozen homes and many more outbuildings in the city.  The disaster came just four years after the Yakima River flooded nearly 25 percent of the city.

The Benton City COAD is committed to assisting the community before, during and after a disaster. 

Before disaster strikes, the COAD focuses on emergency preparedness education, along with developing a data base of local resources that can be called upon in response to a disaster.

During the disaster, the COAD is tasked with staffing an information center for residents, maintaining effective communications using telephones and bulletin boards, and distributing food, water and other resources.

After the disaster, the COAD can assist with cleanup, provide information about what disaster assistance if available and share information on local resouces.

The Benton City COAD meets quarterly at the Benton County Fire Protection District 2 station in Benton City.  For more information, call the COAD at (509) 588-5848.